VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE. The DRN (Defence Restricted Network) is interfering and blocking emails external to Defence, more so when the have attachments. Although you will be able to place an order from work, it is highly unlikely you will receive notices and artwork from us if you use your defence email address.

It is more than possible this is also occuring in other business networks.


Q. Can I phone, Facebook or email my order? 

A. We prefer that you place an order through our website as this prevents your order being delayed.  Once your order is placed, we will liaise with you with artwork and any other changes requested.   This does not apply to bulk orders from Defence messes and other unit or like organisations.


Q. Can you help with badges and crests?

A. We have several hundred badges on file so feel free to contact us to see if we have what you need, if we don't have it we can ask on our Facebook page, and if that fails, for a cost it may be possible to have a graphic artist reconstruct your badge in the format we need. Examples of what is and is not requred are on the artwork page of this website, please don't send anything that resembles "unsuitable" examples. 


Q. Why has the testomonials page been deleted?

A. We now have a facebook page for the product, feel free to add photos, make comment and add feedback http://www.facebook.com/Medalbox.


Q. I was unable to process my order in Firefox?

A. We have no idea why that happens, please try Windows Explorer, it seems to work fine.


Q. How wide are the boxes?

A. Internally, the large box is 218mm, the medium box is 178mm and the small box 118mm.


Q. How medals are mounted?

A. Full size medals are to be court mounted.
Five full size medals or less are to be side by side with no ribbon overlap occurring.
Six to nine full size medals are mounted on a graduating scale with ribbon overlap
Medal groups are not to exceed the following widths:
a.six medals—165 mm;
b.seven medals—170 mm;
c.eight medals—180 mm; and
d.nine medals—190 mm.
Ten or more full size medals are court mounted with ribbon overlap and are not to exceed a width of 200 mm.

A link to a comprehensive outline on the maintenance of awards can be found on our links page.


Q. How long do I have to wait before I receive my order?

A. Generally we like to get boxes away within a week or so from receiving your final approval on the artwork, however from time to time we are out of boxes and in this instant it might be a month or more, please note that we will not commence engraving until we have recived your approval on the complete and final artwork, we will not start engraving with a "just move the number to the top line and go ahead with the engraving" type instruction, you will need to approve the artwork after this last instruction. 

Demand for the products leading up to Christmas is heavy, to ensure you recive it we would suggest you place an order prior to the end of November.


Q. Can you correct the text I send?

A. We will simply cut, paste and centrally justify what you send us, it would help greatly if you insert text in the order form line by line. If you use all capitals that is how we will create the artwork, otherwise it will be altered to Aldine 401 small capitals font as per the examples on this website, please take care with the spacing between characters.


Q. I recently ordered a second box for my replica medals and the box design, artwork and lining are different, can you explain why?

A. We are always looking to improve the product so changes in the box design will occur from time to time, periodically we clean out old artwork, given the layouts are created by feel rather that a format it is highly unlikely that the artwork for boxes ordered at different times will be the same. We always try to use the same lining, but from time to time it is unavailable and we have to use a different product.


Q. Why can't I fax, post or email my order anymore?

A. We have gone to considerable lengths to create this website, experience has shown that almost every error occurs in the transcription process from hard copy to computer, by receiving your information electronically we simply cut and paste what you send to us.



Q. My preference is to communicate my instructions for change via Facebook chat, can you manage this? .


A. No, we require you to reply on the email the artwork was sent, this streamlines the process of making alterations, it also gives us a hard copy to go back to should there be an artwork error when you recive the item and identify exactly how it occured. .



Q. Why doesn’t MedalBox wholesale?

A. 2 reasons, The margin on the box has intentionally been kept to a minimum and if a third party were to be involved we feel the boxes would be too expensive to the recipient. Also we need to deal directly with the client, and in some instances we have had to make up to 10 alterations to the artwork in order to get the layout to our client's satisfaction, going through a third party is time confusing and leads to errors, especially when they don't have a military background and graphics knowledge.

We understand there might be individuals that still feel the urge to contact us regarding wholesale possibilities, however we would appreciate if you understand this decision is final.


Q. I have just received my box and the design seems to be to one side?

A. The artwork has been positioned mathematically central left to right, occasionally we will override this for aesthetic reasons, but never more than 1 or 2 mm. In some instances although appearing to be, such graphics as the RAAF and RASigs crests are not perfectly symmetrical, other times combinations of crests will cause an off-centre effect. Occasionally it could also be due to the grain of the timber. Some badges such as the or the 2nd Cavalry Regiment badge is simply a bizarre shape and will always look a little odd.

We will adjust the artwork up or down on the box for aesthetic reasons as we deem fit.

Please note that when 3 emblems are engraved the central one will inevitably be to one side, or the layout will be crowded to the side with the wider crest/badge.


Q. Can I have a box made out of other timbers?

A. We now only make boxes in jarrah.


Q. Will the boxes hold medals from other countries?

A. Commonwealth countries generally have the same protocols regarding the wearing of medals so in these instances there shouldn't be a problem, other countries will differ, and you would need to check the measurements to ensure they fit.


Q. Can you engrave other emblems such military association?

A. Yes, also overseas countries but you will need to supply the artwork; we require a black and white EPS or PDF, or Vector file.


Q. Can you court mount medals?

A. No, you need to contact a Military Antiques Dealer such as John Burridge http://www.jbma.com.au/ the family have been in the business for almost 40 years, they can also supply replica medals, miniatures and other military paraphernalia.


Q. Can you frame medals?

A. No, you need to go to a specialist framer.


Q. Do you use recycled timber?

A No, we have health and safety concerns about the previous use the timber might have been used for, it might have had asbestos nailed to it, or been painted in lead based paint. It could also house hidden or broken nails or screws which can damage machinery blades.


Q. I need my box to be perfect, can you do this?

A. No, wood is not a perfect medium, Jarrah especially is subject to colour changes, blemishes gum lines and many other irregularities.


Q. How can I contact Medal Box?

A. At dogsbody@medalbox.com.au


Q. Do you ship orders internationally?

A. Yes, please contact us by email and we'll quote on the freight charges. As a guide for assessing the freight cost yourself, the large and medium medal boxes, and the cane sets can be calculated at 1.49 KG per item, the small medal boxes and plaques calculated at 0.99 KG per item.

International orders will be shipped only by Australia Post using the Registered Post International service.

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